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Restaurant Services

Clark Culinary was founded to help smaller restaurant groups and independent operators access the knowledge and know-how of large multi-unit groups at an affordable rate. We have decades-long relationships with distributors and manufacturers willing to work with us to improve your bottom line.

Purchasing, Distribution, & Sourcing

Do you need help in purchasing, but aren't ready to add on the expense of a full-time employee? Here's where we can help.

Staying on top of the cost of your ingredients is time-consuming, but it can make or break your business. We leverage our relationships with distributors, growers, brokers, and manufacturers to create a strategy to bring you the right ingredients at the right cost.

We specialize in designing purchasing programs for emerging brands to mid-size chains. The majority of our clients operate 5-20 units. Our programs can save you up to 10% of your annual broadliner expenditure. We use our relationships and knowledge of distributors' business models and margins to negotiate the right distribution contract for your business.

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Menu & REcipe DESIGN

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Which of your dishes drives the most money to the bottom line and which ones are increasing your costs? Is your menu optimized to drive guests toward your most profitable items? With our process, we don't just focus on a food-cost approach, but a true understanding of the actual bottom-line for each item on your menu.

We help you design recipes and menus that improve your profitability and guest experience. Let us help you discover the wow factor that keeps guests coming back.


Services Available

  • Star / Dog analysis: Understand which of your dishes are driving your restaurants' profitability, and which items are increasing your costs and complexity. 

  • Labor studies: Raw ingredients are only the start of the cost of a dish. We conduct time and motion studies to determine the true costs of your recipes to help you make better decisions.

  • Recipe development: We help you develop the right recipes to keep guests coming back, and to ensure your profitability.

  • Menu layout & design Our design team will create a great looking menu that expresses the spirit of your brand while driving guests towards the items you want to sell.

  • Nutrition analysis for calorie labeling: Current Federal guidelines require calorie labeling on menus for all restaurants with 20 or more locations. Our recipe-analysis approach meets these requirements at a fraction of the cost of laboratory testing.

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Delivery Optimization

Delivery is changing the landscape of the restaurant business.  The rise of third-party services is the biggest upheaval to the industry in our lifetimes. As the battle for guest counts moves to the couch at home, you need to ensure that your delivery offerings and your online presence reflect the best of your brand. The same entree that is the star in your restaurant may not be the same one that shines at home. 

We've been working in restaurant delivery for over ten years, and can give you the guidance you're looking for on how (or if) to best incorporate delivery into your business.

Services Available

  • Selecting the right delivery service: in-house vs. 3rd party

  • 3rd party contract negotiation

  • Packaging selection

  • Delivery menu differentiation

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